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Looking for a unique gift for the Football fan in your life? Or maybe you’re a diehard fan yourself and are looking to add to your Football collection? Either way, our Mystery Vintage Football Legend Shirt is the perfect option!

Inside this pack, you’ll find one shirt from the 1980s all the way up to the 2022 seasons. And these aren’t just any old shirts – they’re some of the most iconic items in Football history that will have a number and number of the player on the reverse. If you are a nostalgic Football fan, this mystery pack is perfect for you.

Plus, our inventory is ever-changing, so you never know what item you might get! It could be a classic design from the 1980s or a more recent item that’s making its debut in this pack. Either way, you are guaranteed a high-quality Football item that’s officially licensed.

Take a walk down memory lane with our Mystery Football Legend Shirt Pack, and you’re sure to be surprised and delighted by what you receive!


If there are any clubs or countries you DON’T want to receive a shirt from, let us know at checkout. However, please note that we don’t send requested shirts in any of our mystery packs.

Please note unless stated you may receive any Football Legend shirt from clubs or countries.

Condition details – May include any/all of – slight fade to colours, bobbling, small pulls, minor damage and wear to sponsor(s), and the odd small mark, these are vintage shirts.

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Please leave a note on checkout if you do not wish to receive certain teams, for example, no Manchester United shirts, please.

A Football mystery shirt pack is a package containing a surprise Football shirt that is selected at random. The package typically has no indication of what team or era the shirt is from, adding an element of mystery and excitement for the person opening it.

The shirts in the package can come from a variety of sources, such as past seasons, different leagues, or even international teams. Some mystery packs may also include exclusive limited-edition shirts or rare collectables.

These packs have become popular among Football fans who enjoy collecting and wearing different team shirts, as well as those who enjoy the thrill of the unknown.

Opening a Football mystery shirt pack can be a fun and unique experience, as fans eagerly anticipate which team or player they will get to represent on their new shirt.

**Important – shirt comes in a padded envelope and we will include details of the shirt you received, for example team, season etc**


XS, S, M, L, XL, 2XL


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